Now in it’s third year, the annual SheaChangemakers Campaign is a remarkable opportunity to celebrate Melanin Rich and First Nations women who are making a positive impact in their communities. SheaMoisture invited nominations for outstanding changemakers who are championing causes and creating transformative change, leaving it to the public to vote who their Sheachangemaker for the year should be.

This year, hosted by Narela Jacobs, we decided to bring this celebration to life, alongside our 2024 Sheachangemakers Winners – Tigist & Nasalifya who have been awarded a $10,000 grant. Nasalifya, a clinical psychologist, and Tigist, a trauma counsellor, independently are dynamic and highly qualified Black women, but together created a legacy named Pola Practice; a mental health service breaks cultural and systemic barriers. This grant will continue this tradition of supporting the most marginalised members of the community, and be dedicated to funding free one-on-one and group sessions, allowing their community to access support in the ways they feel most comfortable.

In addition to this celebration, we're excited to unveil our newest expansion in both body and hair of the cult-favourite Coconut and Hibiscus range presented by hair expert Chrissy Zemura. An innovative stylist of her generation - Chrissy appeared in titles including Elle, Instyle, Vogue, Hapars Bazaar, Marie Claire. Her ability to look after all hair textures has landed on film productions such as Nine Perfect Strangers, Expats & The Hunger Games.  



A glimpse into the Sheachangemakers event: