Meet your 2024 #SheaChangemakers...... Tigist Kebede & Nasalifya Namwing💕

Nasalifya, a clinical psychologist, and Tigist, a trauma counsellor, independently are dynamic and highly qualified Black women, but together created a legacy named Pola Practice; a mental health service breaks cultural and systemic barriers. 

Nasalifya and Tigist envisioned a world where high-quality mental health and well-being support is accessible to all. Together they created Pola Practice, a mental health service ensuring that when support is accessible to the most marginalised, it is accessible for all.

With humble beginnings in 2019 with just two practitioners, they now host more than 20 intersectionally and professionally diverse mental health clinicians and serve over 1000 hours of free wellbeing services to community members providing vital mental health support throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They are the largest privately owned practice run by two Black women and have created a legacy that defies the odds demonstrating that mental health care that focuses on the most marginalised can create a tidal wave of change that breaks cultural and systemic barriers.

Tigist and Nasalifya have previously ensured that Young Artists of Colour (through collaboration with Sampa the Great - 2020), Public housing residents (through collaboration with Ubuntu Project 2021) and African/Black Diaspora (through Scanlon Foundation 2022-2023) all received urgent and free mental health support.

This grant will continue this tradition of supporting the most marginalised members of the community, and be dedicated to funding free one-on-one and group sessions, allowing their community to access support in the ways they feel most comfortable.

Their impact can be seen through their collaboration with Sampa the Great, providing free mental health care during the aftermath of Black Lives Matter movement or their current collaboration which focuses on training clinicians to be more culturally responsive.